Amy Cohen

Growing up in the Chicago area my parents encouraged me to do whatever I was interested in. So when I chose to setup an office in my bedroom instead of playing with dolls their only request was that I put the pens and pencils I borrowed back in their desk. I even organized the dreaded ‘Tupperware’ cabinet when I was 12!

After starting my career in Chicago I transferred to New Jersey and have spent over 19 years in the beauty industry; leading teams focused on data standards, customer experience, product development and process improvement. If there is a more efficient way to do something I’ll find it.

While my career has been incredibly fulfilling my real passion has been working for non-profits; helping others through their most challenging moments. In more than 20 years as a volunteer with the Red Cross I led disaster response teams, served as a state liaison and taught community disaster education. I also volunteered with my local Rescue Squad as an EMT and a Rescue Technician. Serving as the organization’s President while transitioning it to a long-term sustainable structure with both volunteers and paid staff is truly my greatest accomplishment.

At A Harmonized Space I’ve combined my passion for helping people and my love for organizing chaos. I can help you find your harmony!